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Are You Afraid of Work?Too Many Small Businesses Owners Fail to do the Work!

In today’s episode: We discuss a great conversation I had with a local small business owner and a frustration I have with folks who just will not do the work!


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Episode 23 – You Have to Do the Work! / Air Date Nov 14 2016
The Local Small Business Coach


local small business coachWelcome back to the Local Small Business Coach Podcast, I am your coach Tammy Adams.
I’m excited for today’s episode. I had the best conversation today with a woman who is killing it in her cleaning business!
During our conversation, I was reminded of a topic that I’ve been meaning to do an episode on. And after our talk, I knew today was the day.
Her and her team showed up to clean our office and another agent and I told her how much we appreciated the job she was doing. We then asked if she was taking on any new clients since we are always looking for folks to recommend to our clients. She started to tell us about how busy she was and then she made the most profound statement that hit my topic today dead on.

She said… “Anyone who says there are no jobs in this town doesn’t know how to work for it. I built this from nothing and if I can do it, they can too.”

Wow, how great was that? Without any prompting, she told all of us that we were the secret weapon to our own success.

When I started quizzing her on how she built her business, I was amazed. Other than some business cards, she has spent zero dollars on advertising. It has all been through word of mouth. She started with one client, then they recommended her to another and it snowballed. Now she has 17 monthly recurring customers, 4 commercial properties and many other winter visitors she watches their homes. She has 5 folks on her team and she works constantly.

When she gets a new client, she clearly lays out what they can expect and she prides herself on how thorough she is. Then she works hard to deliver everything she promises.
She now has a waiting list of folks that would love to use her services.
She is always hustling and building her reputation. She isn’t afraid to tell a client that maybe they aren’t a right fit. If they feel she is too intense for them, she let’s them know this is who she is and maybe she isn’t the right person for their home or office.

You might be wondering why she even started this cleaning businesses in the first place. She was at a crossroads and needed to either go back to work or find something else to do. The thought of earning $10 an hour and having a long drive didn’t interest her, so she looked at what she loved to do and this business was born. She knew there was a lot more money to be made. She just needed to hustle and build it.

She told us that she only knows how to work hard. That her reputation was everything to her. She wanted folks to think of two words when they thought of her: Service and Pride. She wanted to make sure that she was known by the level of service she gave and the pride she took in her work. Let me tell you, I think that is exactly what her clients are getting.

I must say, it was a great conversation. An inspiring conversation. I am not doing it justice here. Here was a woman who, like many of us, built a business from scratch through hustle, great service and pride in her work. She would make anyone proud to be a local small business owner with her. She was inspiring and I wish those that can’t see the opportunity there is out there could spend just an hour with her.

Another thing she did by the way? Partner with real estate agents. Just like we discussed in Episode 11 where we discussed partnering with a real estate agent to double or triple your sales. Now she was having to turn away new agents from having too much business. Meanwhile, here we all are dying for a great cleaning company we can recommend to our clients.

I’ve had the topic of You Have to Do the Work on my hot list of show topics from the very beginning for this very reason.

Too often we look towards big business or the government to provide our jobs. To create our income. The reality is, more people are employed by local small businesses than any other group. And, you have the greatest opportunity to create a great income through owning your own business.

But here is the catch… YOU MUST DO THE WORK!

If you just hang a shingle and say you are plumber and wait for the business, it will not come. It is the same with any business. It happens in my real estate office all the time with other agents. It happens all the time with folks who start businesses.


I have had so many conversations with small business owners that want to know what it takes to have a successful business. We spend an hour on some great gameplan items, they nod their head and say they understand. Then guess what? A month later we are having the same conversation. When I ask what they have done since our last talk, I get so frustrated because they haven’t done any of it! They haven’t done any of the work!

Not only do they want me to layout the steps for them, they must want me to do it for them too since they sure aren’t. Silly me gets caught up in wanting their success so much for them, not only do I set aside this time, I often will help with their websites or other items to help give them a kick start. This way, all they have to do is keep the ball rolling. So yea, I get frustrated that I’m working harder on their business then they are.

So why is this? Why is it that folks would open a local small business, and then do nothing to help grow the seed they just planted?

I use to think it was fear of the unknown. Or maybe they still didn’t quite understand. But more and more I’m finding out that they just don’t want to put in the work. It’s hard. It takes time. No shit Sherlock, it does! You must do something!

There is so much business out there, you have to go get it!

As I mentioned earlier, it happens with real estate agents as well. One out of five of us is swimming in business and at least another one in five is whining they are so slow and there is none to be had. Huh? Aren’t we in the same city serving the same people? Absolutely! The difference is, the first 1 in 5 is working hard and hustling and the other 1 in 5 is moaning and groaning and not working.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t everyone. Some folks kick ass and take names and I get so proud to see them succeeding. They are growing and making some great cash. They are the ones showing what can be done and they have more business than they can handle.

I wonder, is this something inside that drives us? I’m sure that is part of it. I also believe it comes from a place of not knowing anything different. There is no doubt in our minds that we will be successful. Failure isn’t an option. And even when we do fail, it is temporary.

So, let me ask you. Which are type of person are you!

Are you sitting around whining about not having enough business or are you out there every day creating a business that is based off great service and this pride in your work like this woman was sharing with me today?

Are you hustling and building? or are you sitting around feeling sorry for yourself?

I want you to look hard in the mirror on this one. Maybe you are working a lot of hours and still not seeing the results you want. Ask yourself what you are spending your time on. Are you working hard on what you need to be working on or are you just going through the motions?

I’ve seen quite a few local small business owners that put in a good 8 hours daily but if you breakdown what they are doing with that time, it isn’t on their business. About 2 or more hours are spent on things that don’t matter nor do these activities lead to more business. It could be moaning and groaning to others or getting lost on Facebook or games on their phone. Instead of spending this time on marketing they would play solitaire.
Want to hear something scary, some of these folks thought they are working 40 hours and the reality was, they were lucky to be working 20 – 25 hours.

I challenge you to do this exercise if you aren’t seeing the results you want. For one week, document what you spend each hour on. If you are honest with yourself, I bet you will be shocked by what you find.

When I’ve done this in the past with folks, It was hard for them to swallow. Did it make a change in their behavior? Honestly, with half it has. Those that didn’t, were usually in denial and liked to live there. Saying it was a fluke week. Meanwhile, I’ve been watching and it is exactly what they do a week. You have to be willing to accept the results and make a change.

Those of you that are swimming in business, you are probably feeling the same way this lady was. You have built a business with the same determination and core values of being fair and honest with your customers and providing great service and having pride in your work. You have more work than you can handle and you are seeing the possibility of building a team and going to the next level.

Listen, I will give my time and energy to help folks. All I ask in return is that they help themselves.

When I coach people, this is something I want to know. Are they in it to win it or are they just looking for another reason to not get to working?

Work is out there. You never have to be unemployed. There are jobs to be made. Businesses to be created. There are plenty of people that need your services. You just have to be hungry and aggressive and not afraid to do the work!
Ok, my rant is done.

By the way, if you know someone that wants to create a business and they aren’t afraid of hard work, remind them to head to StartALocalSmallBusiness.com for some tools to get going.
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Bye for now…..


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