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Would You Hire Yourself?



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Episode 221 – The Local Small Business Coach Podcast 


Would You Hire Yourself?

Would You Hire Yourself?

In today’s episode: Would You Hire Yourself?  What Would Your Report Card Over the Past Year Look Like? By Looking at Your Past Performance You Can Set the Tone Going Forward. In this episode, we will take a look at your wins & losses and how you can use them to have an awesome upcoming year!

How would you rate your business on the following for example?

Customer Service



Quality of Jobs

On Time

Communication with Customers

Working ON the Business vs Just IN the Business

Your Goals for the Year

Employees – Hiring, Training, Developing Them

Self-Development / Mentorships


Dive into the episode and let's walk through these and a few others to see how you are doing. What is going well and what isn’t. And more importantly how you can kick butt in the new year!


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Money Should Never Change One’s Values. Making Money is Only a Report Card. It is a Way to Tell How You’re Doing” – Thomas J Stanley

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