Episode 106 – Staying Engaged with Your Past Customers & Clients

Episode 107 - The Power of Testimonials in Your Local Advertising
Episode 105 – The Importance of Having Cash Flow in Your Business


Should you buy equipment with a loan


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Episode 106

The Local Small Business Coach Podcast 


Staying Engaged with Your Past Customers / Clients Here is what we discuss in today's episode:

Quick Tip: You want to create a business that can survive all 12 months and not just 9 months of the year. While we have discussed seasonal businesses more back in episode 40, the important thing to remember is, find ways to fill the down months to help ease the massive drops in business that you are prone to.

Your Questions Answered: We discussed a question on should you take on debt to purchase equipment or tools to grow your business? As I mentioned, that depends if you have business backed up, ready to go. Then it might be worth it. But if you will grow slowly with the purchase, you are better off saving up the money and then making the purchase. This will take away the pressure of needing to create business immediately to at least break even with the loan payment.

Tammy's Rant: In my weekly rant, we discussed why It is very important that you realize that anyone you hire, whether on your payroll or in a temporary basis, is a representation of you and your values. You must set those expectations and they must know that you are going to follow up on them. Especially if they are out of your eyesight and in front of your potential customers and clients.

Today's Business Tip:

Finally, we wrapped up with our tip of the week where we discussed the importance of staying in touch with your past customers and clients and how it is much easier to keep an existing raving fan vs trying to find and convert a new one. We went over a few ways that you can work this into your weekly routine. This is an area that we all, including myself, need to commit to going forward.


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