The Power of Testimonials

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Episode 105

The Local Small Business Coach Podcast 


Here is what we discuss in today's episode:

Your Questions Answered:  We start with a great set of questions on How not to Lose Customers While Making Changes to Your Business. When is changing your prices and products become too much and cost you customers? We discuss how you want to communicate with your customers and clients the changes and make them part of the process, to get their ideas and look for trends in what they are asking for. Finally, make sure you give the changes time to make a difference. Constant change never allows you to see how they are working out.

Tammy's Rant: I rant on something that happened when I used a local small business owner for some work around my place. The subject of not leaving Your Customer & Client’s Home a Mess when you are done with the work. Nothing says I don’t value you nor do I respect you, than leaving your trash and crap around someone’s house. You are a guest in their home and you need to treat them that way. You want their memory to be about the awesome job you did and not the crap you left them to deal with.

Today's Business Tip: Finally, we talk about how Testimonials Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan. Testimonials are a great way for future customers to know exactly what they are getting when they use you and your business. Testimonials are your past customers shouting from the roof tops why people should be using you. Remember, people will listen to other people bragging on you more than they will listen to you bragging on you. So make sure to collect these. Focus them on 1 or 2 websites and grow a must use you mentality on those sites


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