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Training Videos for Local Small Business Owners

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Our videos are here to help Local Small Business Owners with their business.

From Start Up to Growing & Prospering, these videos are meant to help you develop your sales and profits.

8 Steps to Taking Your Business to $100,000

Did you know the average local small business owner only makes between $35,000 – $55,000? How would you like to take your local small business to the next level? This video will walk you through the 8 steps that will take you there!

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Figure Out Your Sales Goal for Your Profit Need

Have a goal to make $50,000 in take home? Then you need to know your sales goal. Watch this to figure out your sales goal target.  

In our Local Small Business Coach Podcast we go into detail on why you need this information to hit a $100,000 Profit Goal. Listen to Episode 3

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Business Health Check for Small Business Owners

When Was Your Last Business Health Check?

Just like a human, your business needs a yearly checkup. Here are a video and a resource to do your annual checkup. Don't worry, you don't have to wait until the beginning of the year. You can start right now!

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Markup vs Margin – How You Price

When you price your products and services are you using a markup percentage or a margin percentage? What if I told you that by using a margin percentage, while you are getting a nice percentage, you might be actually costing you thousands of dollars a year in bottom line profits? This video will help teach you why.

Would Your Customers / Clients Think You Are Taking Your Business Seriously?

I know you do, but do they? Watch and find out. How did you do?

1 Minute Biz Tips

Looking for some quick tips for your local small business? Check out these 1 -2 Minute Videos

Key Financial Business Terms

Here is a quick crash course on some financial business terms local small businesses owners will want to be familiar with.


Start A Local Small Business Course 101

This Intro to Starting a Local Small Business will cover the basics that you need to go from “Concept to Open for Business”.

We will be discussing which business might work for you then jump into the “must dos” to get your business going.

Don't forget to check out the Advanced Course for even more detail

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