Know Your Numbers to Grow Your Profits!

It’s Not About How Much You Sell But What You Get to Keep!

Don’t Let Your Lack of Understanding Cost You Any More Money!

knowing your business numbersMany small business owners know they really should understand their business numbers better than they do. They know this lack of knowledge is costing them sales and profits.

But with so many terms that seem like a foreign language, and math not being a strong suit, most keep doing what they are doing and hope for the best.

Maybe you are one of these folks.

But what if there was a way…

  • To have each term broken down into easy to understand everyday language?
  • To have each report explained and why it is important that you know how to read it & what it can tell you about your business?
  • To have each math equation broken down into a simple process to calculate that even the best “D” math student could follow?

Learn how knowing this information will help you grow your sales and more importantly Your Profits!

Stop struggling to make sense of this, let’s start arming you with the Power to Make a Difference!


Break Down & Explain All Calculations into Easy to Follow Processes

Get a step by step process to calculate out your key numbers.  Worksheets & spreadsheets Included


Identify Each Business Term & Report that All Service-Based Business Owners Should Know

With thousands of reports & terms out there, we will walk through only the reports and terms that you as a small business owner need to know.


Show You How to Use Your Numbers to Create More Sales & Profits

What good is learning the numbers if you don't know how to use them to make more money!? We will take what we learn and show you how to apply them to create more sales & profits!



Here Are Just a Few of the Benefits of the Course

“All this sounds great, but will I walk away learning? “

Learn in the Course

Learn How to Make Sense of Your Profit & Loss Statement and that Balance Sheet

Figure Out Why Your Current Pricing Strategy Might Be Costing You Profits

Learn the Difference Between Markup & Margin

Use Trends in Your Business to Create Even More Business

Learn How Your Inventory Might Be Able to Free Up Money to Invest Back Into Your Business

Learn How Much You Need to do in Sales Monthly to Break Even

Learn Which Products or Services Are Your Anchors & Shining Stars (It might not be the ones you think!)

Better Identify Which Expenses & Costs are Killing You

And Much, Much More!

The Never-Ending Course!

The cool thing about this course is, I’ll keep adding modules based on your feedback & requests.

You will have lifetime access so learn at your own pace. Come back often to retake areas to go to the next level. No need to memorize it all at once.

The price will go up as I add courses so get in now before the price changes and get all the new stuff for FREE!

This course is crazy cheap when you think about it! What course will make back 10x your money just by teaching to understand your gross margin and pricing alone?!

Don’t keep wishing you could make more money… Start Making More Money Now!


Learn a step by step not only how to understand your business better but find opportunities for some immediate results


You MUST TAKE ACTION to get results. Each module with direct you to the actions that get those results!


If You commit to thinking like a CEO, if You take the action – You will see some amazing results! 

Until the Course is Ready, Don't Forget You Can Watch Our Know Your Business Numbers Videos Over On Our YouTube Page:

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