Episode 67 – How to Get Realtors to Tell Their Clients About Your Small Business

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How to Get Realtors to Tell Their Clients About Your Small Business

How to Get on a Realtor’s Extended Team

In today’s episode: We take a question from Darl where he has a power washing business and wants to get more Realtors on his client list. He wants to help real estate agents sell more homes by offering his services to help clean up the exterior of homes. I also thought he had a great website for a service based business, check it out:  PressureDr.com


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How to Get on a Realtor’s Extended TeamDon't Have Time to Listen? Here are the Show Notes: 

Episode 67: How to Get Realtors to Tell Their Clients About Your Small Business

Welcome back to the Local Small Business Coach Podcast. I am your coach, Tammy Adams.

Today we are going to take a question from a listener who wants to partner with real estate agents and is looking for some advice. 



Hey everyone, happy Friday. Hope your week is going well and you have been kicking some serious butt this week. I know I for one have been running mine off and I hope you are doing the same.

So today, I want to revisit a topic we talked about back in episode 11. You might recall that is when I challenged many of you to harness the potential of doubling your sales by partnering with a real estate agent.

I got a great question from Darl, who runs a power washing businesses. He is looking to expand his business by tapping into these realtors. Well, let me share his email and then I’ll dive in with not only what I shared, but more of what I’ve been thinking since.


I have listened to episode #36 several times. Lack of Communication, where you describe your frustration as a realtor and working with businesses to get a deal done.

I have a small power washing business. Part of our service offerings is house washing, roof cleaning and concrete cleaning. We get occasional calls from people selling their house and wanting to have some of these services performed. Some people call and it has become an issue for closing. As you know curb appeal is everything when selling a house. Pulling up an seeing green mold all over the side of a house, can turn people off from the start. We also recommend to sellers, if they have black streaks on their roof, to have it taken care of by cleaning before it becomes an issue and the buyer is insisting on a new roof.

To my question. Can realtors recommend to sellers to have these things done before listing a home and can they mention us by name? We weren't sure if there are legal or ethical issues in doing so. If not, how can we best market to realtors other than one at a time? Is there some kind of meeting we could go to and make a presentation? My question is how to get in front of as many realtors as possible? Thanks for any info and I love your podcast.
Darl Hite | Pressure Doctor Inc. | www.PressureDr.com


Now, before I jump in and share what I told him, I want to take a moment to share his website address over at PressureDr.com. Last week I did an episode on why you need a website for your business and when I checked out Darl’s, I thought he had a great example to share with you. I thought he did a great job as a service based business not only answering the key questions, he also does a good job sharing why potential clients might want to use his business. So if you are looking for some idea, check him out at PressureDr.com.

Ok, now, let’s dive into his question. As you heard, Darl is wanting to get in front of Realtor’s and wondering if I have any recommendations. Of course, I agree that these folks would be great for his business and the perfect angle to work to gain new business.

Since most states do allow agents to recommend vendors to their clients the key is to make sure if there are any restrictions. For example, some areas might require them to offer up 2-3 vendors vs just one. But in reality, they still have a preference for one and will emphasize the one they really want their folks to use.

However, in almost all areas, the only thing you can't do is offer them money or gift cards, etc. for their businesses. They will have their ethics codes to still follow and they can’t take bribes if you will. So any of your looking to grow this part of your business, will need to do it the old fashion way, Just like Darl mentioned, get in front of them and earn their business. It is a tough part is cracking the nut to get in, but once you are, you will get tons of business.

So, what should you do? How Do You Get in Front of Real Estate Agents?
First, I would focus on the bigger brokerages. Many of them have quarterly meetings you might be able to attend. See if the office manager can get you on the agenda for even 5 to 10 minutes. I’m going to tell you now, you will not get them all, the key will be to grab the attention of even a few, that will be enough to get the snowball running.
What should you do at the meeting? First off, focus on the benefits that your business gives them. Remember, they want to sell homes quickly and for top dollar. So in Darl’s case, he wants to show how he can help clean up the exteriors of these homes. Remind them of all the negative things about the exterior of the home that you can fix (the mold, moss, dirt, driveway, siding, etc). Show some before and after pictures. You want those oos and aahs.

Remember even if you only get 3 or 4 folks to use you. Your great service and prices will kick in from there. If they know they can count on you to give great service and make their folks happy, they will not only recommend you to their future clients, they will brag about you to the other agents. That is where the real magic happens. Agents want people they can count on and will take great care of their folks. Once they know you will do that, they will remain loyal. Plus, they will recommend you to others.

I just did this the other day. You might recall when I was frustrated back in that episode 36, one of the folks was the sign guy. Since then, I found this new person that not only installs the same day but shoots me a text with the post up and confirming it is installed as requested. So, guess what I did right afterwards? I shared with 4 other agents that day what my experience was. They too were frustrated with the other guy and now they know there is a better alternative. So, get those few and let them be your voice for the others.

Trust me, if your services help them sell more houses and faster, they will continue to shoot you business and brag about you!

Even if they are using someone, just ask to be their back up person. Ask them what they love about the other “guy” and what it would take to earn your business. Your day will come and you need to be ready to take advantage of it.

By the way, after that meeting, collect their cards or get the cards at their office. Send them a note with your card and just remind them that you want to be part of their team. Heck, remind them once a quarter. Send them discounts they can give their clients on their next listing.

Realtor Training Events
Another thing you can do, is see if there is a local Realtor board for agents that offers training classes for agents. They usually look for folks to sponsor the training and you get 5 minutes in front of tons of agents to share what you do and who you are. Once again, focus 100% on the benefits of using your service. The more they see you as a resource to sell those houses, the more they will remember you.

We have this Cutco lady who sponsors tons of our events here and it seems each class she gains 2-3 new clients. Consistency pays off in her case as it takes a few times seeing her before people give her a try.

The more I thought of Darl’s business the more I thought about other ways he could take advantage of the real estate world. He could create a flyer that goes to any new listing in town. This way he could share with them the value he adds to their sale. He has this cool analogy on his website that I just loved. He mentioned that you don’t sell your car without washing, so why sell your house. I loved it.

He could put together some specials for these “just listed” folks. A basic clean and then package other items as part of add on items. For example their driveway, gutters, etc. Then, if he got their business, he could then let the agent know hope they might keep you in mind for their future folks. Heck, he could even put do the same thing for new home owners.

He could put together some coupons or flyers with these “Realtor” specials and drop them off at the broker offices.

The key will be to be persistent. At our office, we get folks that drop off cards all the time. The problem is, they are one and done. We never hear or see from them again. Even if they made a great impression that day, by the time we think to use someone in their field, we rarely remember who they were. We want to, but we don’t. Don’t let this happen to you. You need to stop by quarterly and drop stuff off, keep some face time. Remember, all it takes is one or two agents to start that ball rolling for you.

I just thought of another one you could try. Let’s say you are out and about and you see a house that is deep need of your services. Maybe you could reach out to the agent and offer a one time 50% off discount on one of your services to help with the sale. If the agent has a great reputation with their vendors, odds are they will use you again.

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas. I’m excited you have decided to tap into this group. I really do think it can lead to some great sales and growth for your business.

If it was me, the first thing I would do is stop by those brokerages, introduce yourself and leave some coupons. Then on your second visit about a month later, maybe see if you can get into one of their meetings. Grab those business cards while you are there. Email agents introducing yourself and what you do. Share how you want to help them sell more houses, faster.

Thanks for the question Darl, drop me a message in a few months and let me know how it is going. I’d love to hear not only how it went, but any tricks you might have found to help others.

And as we wrap up this episode I want you to know, that I realize being a local small business owner can be a lonely gig at times. But you don’t have to do it alone. Just know, I’m always here for you.

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Meanwhile, I wish you the best in your business and remember: Great Customer Service, coupled with Great business practices will set you on the path to Great Profits!
Bye for now…..


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