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Introverts Can Be Very Successful at Business

In today’s episode: We discuss the various ways that an introvert must conduct business. While they don't go out and shakes hands and kiss babies, there are other things they can leverage to drum up business.


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Episode 31 – Q & A: How Can an Introvert Drum Up Business?

The Local Small Business Coach


Welcome back to the Local Small Business Coach Podcast, I am your coach Tammy Adams.

introvertTime for another question from one of you. Today’s question comes from Jason and his question is one that I can totally relate to. Since this is something I struggle with at times with as well.

Jason writes:

Tammy, do you happen to have any advice for an introvert? I know I need to get out there and talk to people to create more sales for my business, but I just can’t seem to do it. Do you have any pointers?  – Jason


Boy, do I feel you Jason! As a fellow introvert, I struggle with this every day.  The interesting thing is, I have fooled many people through the years. When I was at Home Depot, I was always part of those personality tests that everyone likes to give. People were always shocked that I flagged as an introvert as they would have sworn I was an extrovert.  I would actually get into debates with people. They would be confused by my ability to speak to my team or doing training events as meaning I must be an extrovert.

What most folks don’t realize is, introverts have the ability to speak to people about things they are passionate about. They can do this with one or many.  Normally these groups have already been formed or they are already a captured audience. What introverts don’t want to do is go out and seek new relationships.  If they had to go out and collect these people, it would never happen. But hey, if they were already there, that works.

Just know, that even if they must speak to a group, they will be dying inside but can pull it off as long as it is a topic they are passionate about like I mentioned.

But if you ask an introvert to just go up to random folks and start a conversation, we just can’t do it.  You would think it would be easy since we are good at one on one and it isn’t a group but trust me it isn’t.  We might stand there for 20 minutes trying to talk ourselves into it but in the end, we just walk away.


The extroverts out there,  are thinking “what is so hard”? Just talk to them. They don’t bite. But to us, they just might. LOL

Now, one would think this skill would give extroverts the leg up in business. I’m sure in some cases it does but believe it or not, some of the best business people out there, are introverts.  The key is to leverage what you are good at.  Recognize what your strengths are and how you can get the most out of it.

Jason, Extroverts might win the race when it comes to getting out there shaking hands and kissing babies, but as an introvert that isn’t in your wheel house. I’d like to tell you that you will never have to speak to another person but we both know that perfect world doesn’t exist. LOL


Two things come to mind that I personally have used through the years.  

Before I share the first thing, keep in mind, no one was more shocked than I have been by my journey over the years. If you would have told the younger me, who by the way called out sick on days I had to speak in class that I have been able to stand in front of hundreds of people and hold a store meeting. That I would be able to teach classrooms full of people. Or that I wouldn’t pass out the day I spoke on stage to over 500 people. I would have told you that you had the wrong Tammy. There was no way in H – E – Double L that would happen in my lifetime.

So how was I able to do it?  What is my first tip?

I learned to pretend that it wasn’t me. I told my self I was in a play. That I was going to channel someone else. That it wasn’t me. You know who does this? Beyonce. Do you remember that album she had called Sasha Fierce or something like that? When interviewed, she shared that is who she becomes when she is on stage. That off stage she is very private and an introvert. That she has to go into character to make it through.

That is how I did it. Now, I don’t have a side name. I wish I did, that could have been fun. I did learn through the years that when I was passionate about a topic, it was much easier. I knew I wouldn’t look like a fool and I convinced myself I was sharing some great information to help them.

Did it always work? No. Sometimes I had to spend weeks practicing my speech or what I need to go over. I’d make myself sick to my stomach and then I would go out and shock myself that  A) I didn’t throw up and B) How I pulled it off and actually did well.

How do I do this today as a local small business owner? It is still a struggle. In my first small business, it was easier since people came to my brick and mortar. I didn’t have to spend as much time hustling other than to raise awareness. Where I struggled then was when I joined the chamber of commerce and as an introvert, I realized it wasn’t for me. Introverts and networking don’t go well together as you know.

When I decided to become a full time real estate agent, I knew I was in for a challenge. By doing this type of small business, I was now part of a service business and this meant I had to go out and find business. Yikes, you mean talk to people?  I knew if I wanted to be successful, I had to find another avenue to drum up business. I wasn’t going to be out shaking those hands and just walking up to random people.


This is where my #2 tip comes in handy. Leverage the other means to find customers and business.

local small business coachI knew I wouldn’t not be doing social settings to meet people. I also knew that the thought of open houses and random people showing up to make small talk with, wasn’t going to work for me either, I had to figure out something and quick. How was I going to get my clients?

The great thing about today’s world is opportunities there were via the internet. From day 1 I started building my website. From day 1 I knew that needed to create a way for my potential clients to find me vs me going out to find them. Did it happen fast? No, but it has continued to build and I have built a strong business for myself and I have done it all without using the “traditional” methods of more outgoing agents.

Please know, I could have a much stronger business if I wasn’t such an introvert. Not because I don’t do open houses or go out taking to random people, but because as an introvert, I’m horrible at staying in touch with my past clients. I’m missing that natural need to reach out and talk to them on a regular basis. I watch the more extroverted agents and how easy they make it. I kick myself that it doesn’t flow for me like it does for them.

If I could do a better job on this, I wouldn’t have to work so hard to get new clients all the time. This is probably the biggest challenge that introverts like us face. It is a double edge sword. It is tough to go out and find new clients and it is difficult to stay in touch with them.

Logically, you would think this would create the motivation needed to do these things we know we should be doing. Yet it doesn’t. That is how strong the introverted tendencies have on us. So what is the solution?

I know for me it was these two things I mentioned. Acting as if I am in a play and being someone else and leveraging the internet.


So Jason, now it is your turn. What can you do? If you just can’t bring yourself to go out and talk to people, then I would immediately look at your online domination. What does your website look like? Can folks find you everywhere? If they google your business and your town are you in their face? Are you leveraging your social media in your area?  You need to. You need to rock these things.

The second thing you need to do, it make sure you leave each client or customer with fantastic memories of you. Let them do the talking for you.  We’ve discussed this over and over and we will discuss it forever. Leave you customers remembering you for your awesome customer service. Leave them remembering what a great job you did.  This is important for everyone but especially for introverts that need those little soldiers out there helping them build their business.

Listen, I wish I could say that as an introvert we would never have to challenge our selves to reach out to potential clients or customers. But the truth is, unless we want to work for someone else behind a screen there is no way you can avoid the painful process of putting yourself out there. But the nice thing about doing business in today’s modern world is that introverts have never had more tools and resources to help them. The key is to leverage everything you can.

Tell you what Jason, I’ll make you a deal. How about we both take a challenge in 2017? Since now is the time to set goals for the new year, I say we both push ourselves to speak to more people about our business. While it will never feel “natural” per see, maybe we can at least make it a little less painful.


How about all of you introverts out there take the challenge as well?

By the way, you extroverts get a challenge too. You didn’t think I was going to let you off that easy did you? You know I love homework!

Extroverts love to get out there and talk about their business. Sometimes, a little too much. So I want you to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are talking more than you are doing? Are you talking to the right people? The folks that make a difference or are your potential clients vs just anyone who will listen?

How are you staying in touch with these past clients? If so, do you have vision of what you are wanting out of these conversations? Are they just “friends” now or do you have a referral program in place to leverage these relationships?

Ok, that is enough talk on introverts and extroverts.  Whatever your natural tendencies are, the key is to embrace them and leverage what aspects of client acquisition is best for you.  Introverts, get that online presence strong and extroverts get that referral program going.


As part of your New Year’s goals, pick something you will challenge yourself with.

Now, if you are an introvert and you have some great advice to share with Jason and other introverts, I’d love to hear from you. Stop on by LocalSmallBusinessCoach.com and leave a message on the Speakpipe button or shoot me an email at tammy@localsmallbusinesscoach.com. I know we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for your question Jason and I’ll be back with another question next Friday. And if you have a question you would like answered on the podcast, don’t’ forget to get that over to me. I answer all questions even if they aren’t used on the show.

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Meanwhile, I wish you the best in your business and remember: Great Customer Service, coupled with Great business practices will set you on the path to Great Profits!

Bye for now…..



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