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Hiring that First Employee



The 3 Buckets to Focus on When Hiring that 1st Person





Episode 242 – The Local Small Business Coach Podcast 


Hiring that First Employee

Hiring that First Employee

It is always scary to hire that first employee. You wonder how do you know what to set up to make it legal, if you will find the right person, and what steps do you take once you find them?

In this episode, we will take a look at all 3 of those buckets. Here are some of the highlights we will discuss:

Finding the Right Person

Don’t Settle – Start Looking Now even if not Hiring Now
Company Culture over Experience
Ask the Right Questions
Stay away from personal questions
Focus on the job
Listen for the answer – Is it textbook answer or from the heart?
Get examples even if in other areas
Build a Job Description so You know what to focus on & have them commit them to
Don’t forget other duties assigned to help as you grow the job
Trust Your Gut but Don’t Listen to Any Biases You Might Have
If the little voice is going off, try and figure out why

Put the Right Stuff in Place

How will you pay them?
You do payroll or use a service
Setting up taxes, unemployment, workers comp
If in doubt, check with a local employment lawyer or HR specialist
Better safe than sorry
Have an Employee Handbook – you can add as you go
On-Boarding / Training
Use the Right People
Set Clear Expectations from the beginning

Have an Ongoing Plan

Committing yourself to people development and your Own Leadership development

We will dive into details in the podcast episode

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world…but it requires people to make the dream a reality.” – Walk Disney

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