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Hire the Best, Train the Best and Develop the Best

 In today’s episode: We discuss why it is important that you hire the best, train the best and develop the best. Plus we answer the question, should you have a separate checking account for your small business?


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Episode 101:  Hire the Best, Train the Best and Develop the Best

Welcome back to the Local Small Business Coach Podcast. I am your coach, Tammy Adams.

Today we are going to take a look at why it is important that you hire the best, train the best and develop the best. Plus we answer the question, should you have a separate checking account for your small business?

Today I want to talk about a critical best practice you want to live and breathe if you have employees. And that is to ensure that you are hiring the best, training the best, and developing the best. This a mission I had, and I hope you will too.

Now, whenever I talk about employees, this goes for full-time employees, part-time employees, temporary employees, and even independent day folks you might have help you.

I’m sure you have heard the saying, you are only as good as your weakest link. This is a mantra you want adopt. You want to keep elevating your team to next level. You want your weakest member to be better than your competition’s strongest. You do this, by believing and living the hiring the best, training the best, and developing the best practice. The single best thing, that you can do for your business, is to make sure that the right people are in the right positions.

The first thing that you have to accept is, that nobody is going to care about your business more than you do. However, it is very possible for you to have a team of people that come in a very close second. A team that will do anything for you and your business. They just need to know that you believe in them and their growth and development.

Now, let’s assume it goes without saying that you must take care of your people. We’ve talked about this in the past. But it is important to realize, that a huge component to taking care of them, is providing the tools & resources they need to be successful. They want to be successful, and if you help them with this success, they will be forever loyal to you.



Let’s dive in a little, shall we? It all starts with hiring the best people you can. I don’t want to hear that you can’t find any great people. You might recall back in episode 59 where we discussed 3 Myths to Finding Good Help for Your Local Small Business. Great people are out there. They might not be knocking on your door, but they are in all the businesses around you. You have a recruiting problem.
I’ve talked quite a bit about how you find good people, so don't worry, I'm not going to go into the full-fledged hiring lecture. Lol . The biggest thing that I want to cover in this particular episode, is the fact that you need to make sure that you put the time and energy into not just hiring people that can fog up a mirror, but you want to make sure that the people you hire have the best potential to become awesome employees.

The way you do this is by having the right hiring processes in place. That you don't settle for whoever walks through the door. You make sure that you interview enough people to get the person whose personality and excitement fits the job that you are hiring for. Remember, you can teach people skill sets, but what you can't teach them, is a great, friendly, personality that is fired up to take care of your customers. You also can’t teach someone how to have a can-do, winning attitude. So, make sure that you focus not just on who can do the job, but you really want to make sure they have the passion for your customers as well.



So now that you have hired the best people, now is it is time to make sure you train the best. It's really important that you give these folks the training they need to be successful. When I talk about training, I don't just mean the training to do the physical job. I also mean giving them the training on the rest of your expectations. For example, how to take care of customers how to handle customer complaints, how to handle the physical making of your product or service, and all of the other job duties you have for them.

Keep in mind, there are two times were training is really critical. The first one is when you hire them. You want to make sure that they transition into your company with the training that they need to come out the gate performing at a great level. While they will not be perfect, they at least get what is necessary to do the job.8 Steps to 100,000 profit

In addition to giving them the tools necessary to do the job, you want to make sure that you also partner them up with somebody who can help with their transition into your company. If you're not going to be the one responsible for their hands-on training, then you need to give them a training buddy. One of your best employees who is also a patient trainer who has the ability to communicate and train in a way that adapts to the person who is learning. Since everyone learns differently, you want a trainer who can adapt to their training style. For example, some people need to watch you do it the first time, some like to jump in right away and just do it, so to train them well, you need to work with that style.

Now training also is ongoing. You want to continually train people on anything that they need to learn as time goes on. You want to help them get better at their jobs. Help them through the various levels of your company. Odds are they will need to learn more skill sets to take on other roles within your company. For example, when I hired my Baskin Robbins people, the very first skill we would teach them is how to make the products that we served. Once they showed that they had these duties down pat, they could then take on more responsibility. In our store, we made that next goal, to learn how to decorate the ice cream cakes. and once they got that down, then they could learn how to make a cake from beginning to end. Think of it as a stair stepping processes if you will. While to you and I, it might not seem like big steps, to these young kids, it was a something to strive for.

For most of our businesses, we are smaller, so there aren’t tons of layers of learning that they can go through. Butt never-the-less, in their mind they want to strive for something. For each of your businesses, you just want to make sure that you continue to give folks the training necessary. Make sure that before you give anybody any type of new job duty, that you give them the right training necessary to be successful.



Finally, I want to discuss developing your team. Now, you might be wondering what the difference is between training and developing? Great question. Think of training as the skills needed to do the job and to take care of your customers and developing them as the next level of fine tuning and empowering them.

The ultimate goals is that you get your team to the point that they can make decisions without necessarily having to talk to you every single time. You might recall I talked about this back in episode 86 were we discussed: Empower Your Team & Stop Micromanaging Them. You want to elevate their game to a whole new level. This way they step up as a leader among their peers.

Now, if you have supervisors this will also be a level of developing that you want to ensure is happening. A huge part of developing your team, is getting them ready for leadership roles. You need to prepare them for leading other people, making those tough decisions and ensuring great customer service is happening throughout your company.


Remember, your goal at this stage is to continue to elevate your folks to the next level. Not only for your business, but for their future endeavors as well. Too many people worry that they will do all this work, invest all this time into their people and they will just leave them. Sure, some will. But is that really a bad thing?
When I had my Baskin, I had 3 shift leaders. In a matter of 3 weeks I loss all three due to different opportunities. One followed his passion, one’s parents were moving away and the third went off to college. All that energy into helping them become strong, gone in a poof.
While there was a sadness and holy cow what am I going to do moment, there was also this proud as all get out for the two that were embarking into a new phase of their life. To know that I would have an impact on their future success was a great feeling.
Fast forward 5 years and two of them I still talk to every once in a while. One has become so successful in his chosen field. So yes, you want to grow and help them become the future leaders of the world. You want to help them have great work ethic. It is an amazing feeling.



So, if you have a team of any kind, I want you to focus on hiring the best, training the best and developing the best team possible. By focusing on these three areas, you will have a high performing, awesome team! And when you have a high performing, awesome team, you have a business that is unstoppable!



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