Leave Them Knowing the Pain Points You Solve



Leave Them Knowing the Pain Points You Solve





Leave Them Knowing the Pain Points You Solve

Episode 260 – The Local Small Business Coach Podcast 

Fine Tune Your Elevator Speech

Leave Them Knowing the Pain Points You Solve | Whether you are at a networking event or being asked what you do for a living, you often times only have 30, 60, 90 seconds to tell folks what it is you do.  Many of us, tell them the industry we are in but fail to tell them the pain points we solve. One is about ‘branding' and the other is what will help them refer you to their family, friends, customers.


For example, a landscaper might say they do landscaping like mowing, trimming, etc vs saying that you help homeowners who have received an HOA violation for weeds or you help busy homeowners so they can have their weekends off with their family vs working in the yard.


So next time you introduce yourself and your business, will you share the pain points you solve or just the business you are in?

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