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Episode 13 – Question on Finding Help that Sticks Around

Episode 13 of the Local Small Business Coach Podcast


Welcome back to the Local Small Business Coach Podcast, I am your coach Tammy Adams.

And today is Friday which means we will be answering a question from one of you.

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While I can’t promise to answer all of them, my goal is to answer as many as I can in the future, especially the ones that would possibly help others.  Eventually I hope to have 2 days of questions. So get those questions in.


For today’s question, I’m actually going to answer one that I had from a small business owner I was speaking with the other day.  This business owner has no employees but does hire folks for the day to help with various jobs. Technically they are called independent contractors for those of you mistakenly call them temporary help. While yes, they are usually temporary, in the eyes of the government, temporary help is usually associated with hired folks. Those who you hire for a job here and there and are not part of your hired team are called these independent contractors.

Now, the subject of hired folks vs independent contractors can get pretty complicated and not for this particular episode but we will discuss it more in a future podcast.


Ok, now back to our question. This business owner’s question was: How do you find people that will last longer than a few hours or that you can at least count on and they do a good job?


The first thing that popped to mind when he asked the question was where has he been finding his “hired hands” from currently?  I already had an idea but wanted to get confirmation that my hunch was correct.

You see, experience has shown that when someone needs help for the day they tend to look around for folks that have nothing to do but might want to make some extra money. So they typically will ask around, ask people they run into, folks on the corner, things like that. Trust me, I’ve seen plenty of folks picked up for a days work through the years on the corners of Home Depot.

When I asked this small business owner, my hunch was correct. He found his help typically through folks he ran into. His last one was someone from his street who had been looking for work.

While this can be a quick fix to the problem of needing someone right away, honestly, you are lucky to get what you get.   Here’s why this approach rarely works out.

Most folks that out roaming the streets looking for work, don’t have work for a reason. They either can’t get hired, have a bad work history, possibly a drug problem, can’t keep a job due to poor work habits, or a whole list of reasons that keeps them from being employed currently.

Now before anyone gets all upset by that generalization, please know that I understand that there are some folks that are in between jobs or have legitimate reasons they aren’t currently employed. When you can find these folks, fantastic, odds are they will work out really well for you. Unfortunately, this is more rare than it is common.


I’m going to bet that many of you out there that find your people in a similar way, keep running into the same problems. So like this business owner is finding, what are you supposed to do? How on earth can you find a better quality of help?

The first thing is to realize that you aren’t looking for long term employees. However, you still want to get the same type of quality if you can. Hopefully finding some good “go to” folks when the need comes up. So, in order to do that, you have to think differently. Since you do not have a brick and mortar business, you will need to think more creatively.

Speaking of which, even those of you with brick and mortar businesses, this advice still works for you.

Ok, so let’s dive into a few ideas to help my guy out and hopefully many of you.


First, you need to realize that the best folks you can hire…wait for it….ALL READY HAVE JOBS.

teamYep, the types of folks you want are already employed somewhere. Your goal is how to attract these folks.

You will never win to pull them away full time unless they have a job they don’t care for. But what you do offer them is something that many folks in today’s world is looking for.  Extra income

There are many folks working hard to make ends meet or to come up with extra money. These are usually hard working folks that have a strong desire to work to provide for their family.

Right now they are the ones delivering pizza, doing uber at night or a host of other things. Your goal is, how do you tab into this huge resource?  How do you let them know you are another resource for income? Which by the way, you often pay better than some of their other options.

Why not take an ad out on Craiglist shouting something like – “Looking to pay off debt faster? I’m looking for folks to help me with my handyman business. Flexible hours”

Maybe put flyers up?  Ask folks if they know of any hard working folks looking to pick up a 2nd job?


What about when you are at a business and you see folks busting their butt you just ask if they are looking for any side jobs to earn some extra money?

The key is to put out there what you are looking for. They are all around you, the problem is you are looking in all the wrong places.  You must focus on the people you are wanting and not just the ones you can get.

While, there are a few other things you can do, let’s focus on one other great resource that you tap into. This one is pretty cool. I heard about it and have recommended it a few times and it seems to be working out well for some folks.


You might just be missing a huge resource that has tons of experience and needs little to no supervision. They are perfect for leaving at a job site while you check on other jobs.

Now, you are probably wondering who on earth am I talking about?

This great resource is probably folks you haven’t thought about. There are tons of folks that have retired and have TONS of EXPERIENCE you are seeking.  Some of these folks are needing some extra income and some are so bored out of their mind they are looking for things to keep them busy.

There are folks out there with previous plumbing, electrical, handyman experience. There are folks that love to tinker and there are folks who love to work with their hands.

Now the first thing you need to realize is, these folks have no desire to work for you for 4-6 hours a day for 5 days a week. So if you approach it from this angle they will never work out. It’s not what they are looking for.

But what if you had a network of say 5 – 10 retirees that you could call on with the experience you need? How would change your business if you knew you had some hard working, experienced folks that you could rely on?  I’m going to guess it cause a shift.

You must realize, you are probably going to pay a little more for these folks. But you will always pay more for experience. You would want someone to offer you the same respect for what you bring to the table. However, you will get more for your money. Better service, better quality of work, quicker job flipping and not to mention less babysitting on your end which frees you up for more jobs.


Yep, that will take you one step closer to the $100,000 profit goal we have been discussing.

So to wrap up this week’s question.  Good help is out there. Just not where you are currently looking. You need to focus on the type of folks you want to hire and then reverse engineer the problem and find out where they are today and how you can offer them a great opportunity to help out you and your business for extra money to help their family.

It was a great question that I knew impacted many of you and I felt it would be a great question for this week’s question of the week. I hope many of you got some ideas you could use in your business.

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See you on our next episode…Bye for now…..




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