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Empower Your Team & Stop Micromanaging Them

Want a Higher Performing Team? Here is the Key

In today’s episode: We discuss why it is important to the health and growth of your business that you learn to empower those on your team vs micromanaging them. Your small business will grow dramatically once you learn to empower folks.


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Episode 86:  Empower Your Team & Stop Micromanaging Them

Welcome back to the Local Small Business Coach Podcast. I am your coach, Tammy Adams.

Today we are going to take a look at why it is important that you start to empower your team vs micromanaging them. 

Have you ever compared your team to someone else’s team? Maybe you found yourself a little bit jealous of how their team seemed to go from task to task without having to be told what to do. Or maybe you were impressed with their ability to handle customer problems without needing to check in the “boss”.  Matter of fact, the more you thought about it, they didn’t seem to bother their leader near as much as your people seemed to need you.

Your folks come to you for everything. They are always wanting to know what you want them to work on next, or maybe how to handle a problem. Your people just can’t seem to make a decision without consulting with you first. What the heck is this other leader doing that you aren’t?



The difference between you and this other leader, more than likely, is how you challenge your employees. You see, far too many leaders accidently create their own problem. They encourage their folks to come to them with questions. Now that alone is, isn’t the problem. The problem actually arises with how the leader answers those questions.

Here is where the choice is made between empowering our people vs micromanaging them.

As you know, micromanaging is where we control what our folks do and the decisions they make. On the flip side, empowering them is when we challenge them to think for themselves and make decisions.  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both.



The pros of micromanaging are: things get done the way you want them too. The decisions are made by you, so you make sure that things are done your way. By micromanaging, you can ensure that things are done consistently.

The biggest con to micromanaging is, you have to make all the decisions. Therefore, you are constantly stopping what you are doing to provide the direction to the team. These interruptions cause you to not be as productive as you could be. This is time, that you could be spending on other areas of the business, including driving more sales and improving processes.



Now, the pros to empowering your people is, you actually gain back that time. With your people making many of those day to day decisions, you now can keep working on the business and driving those sales. Another great pro, is how your customer service goes up. With your employees being able to resolve issues without tracking you down, many customer issues get resolved quickly.  There are quite a few more pros, that we will discuss shortly.

Now, you are probably wondering what cons could there possibly be with empowering your people, believe it or not, there are some. Many of which occur earlier on in the transition.  When you start the process of empowering your people, they are going to make decisions that are different than the ones you would have made. Sometimes they will be better, but unfortunately, during that learning curve, some will not go well at all. Your folks will make mistakes, they will handle thing poorly and there will be a learning curve. The good news is, the more your teach and grow them and help them learn from the mistakes, this con will slowly dissipate.



I want to discuss a few more pros to empowering your team.

I mentioned earlier that you will have a lot of different solutions to handling problems. Most of which, will not align with how you would have dealt with the issue. You also get a lot of other great ideas. What starts to happen is, your team will look at different and new ways to handle day to day tasks. Since they are living in it day in and day out, they will find some creative ways to improve processes.

You must avoid the temptation to shoot down their ideas. This is how they grow. Think about how you grew? You learned from the school of hard knocks. Some of your ideas worked and some didn’t.

While I understand the need to protect them, just like you would your kid, you have to let them try things. But I promise, from these trials, will come some great ideas that help improve your business.



Last week we discussed what motivates your people. One of the biggest factors to employee satisfaction and motivation is feeling they are part of something. When you employees are empowered to make decisions, and try things, they feel as if they are part of the company vs just working for the company.

Folks that are empowered are proud to say they work for that leader as well as that company. They no longer see it as just a job, but are excited to be part of something much bigger.



So, what is the best way to start empowering them right away?  IT is so easy. When they come to you with a problem or a question, just ask them what they think they should do? Avoid the temptation to answer for them. Sure, it might take an extra few minutes or two to go through the process, but minutes up front, saves you hours down the line.

I always found it best to do a two-part question. First, what do they think they should do, then after they thought about it and shared their thoughts, I’d ask them why they came up with that solution. You see, at this stage, it was all about the though process. Did they shoot from the hip or did they put some thought into it? Remember, you want to build their problem-solving muscle. By challenging their reasoning, you could easily get them to see for them self the flaws vs you just pointing them out. Now, they were their own bad guy vs you being that person.

You are creating leaders for the future, so take the time and help them grow.



If you want to be successful, you must master the ability to empower your team to make most decisions during the course of their work day. The best way to do this, to empower them to think for themselves and do what they think is right. Help them feel part of the solution.  Eventually that decision-making muscle gets stronger and you empower them to make those decisions without needing to run to you for everything.

As they get stronger, make sure you set the rule that they can’t come to you with just problems. If they do have a problem, they must come to you with possible solutions as well.

I want you to have a team that you would want to put up against any other team out there. Whether you have a team of one or a team of 50, there is no reason why you can’t lead through empowerment.


And as we wrap up this episode I want you to know, that I realize being a local small business owner can be a lonely gig at times. But you don’t have to do it alone. Just know, I’m always here for you.

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Bye for now…..


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