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Customer Service is Your Business's Secret Sauce


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Episode 8 – Customer Service is Your Secret Sauce of the Local Small Business Coach

partnershipWelcome back to the Local Small Business Coach Podcast, I am your coach Tammy Adams.
And today we are going to discuss the secret sauce of your local small business…Customer Service.

You all know customer service is important. But do you BELIEVE in your heart that it is important?
Believe it in your heart. You have to mean it

You Can’t just give lip service. What would your community say about your customer service? What would they say about your team or hired hands?
Do you walk the talk?

We discuss My Home Depot History of Customer Service and the impact the passion the founding fathers had in this area that required each and every one of us to live it with our own passion.

You know you believe in customer service when you are saying hi to people when walking other stores like a grocery stores or other big box retailers.

Maybe you say hi to folks in elevators. Doing this naturally means you have drank the kool-aid.

Yes, even introverts like me!

Customer service is more than saying hi. It is also about listening to them and resolving their problems.

We discuss if the customer is always right. They key is to listen!

Customer service will separate you from your competitors.
Are you top of mind awareness in your industry? In your community?
Think of those places you like to shop? Why do you love them?
My favorite place of all time is Qt or Quick Trip. It is a gas station. They shout hi, they have offer a clean experience, friendly and they are consistent from store to store and I’ll even pass others to get to one.

What about you? Who do you like to shop?
How about places you love to eat? Is it the food or the service? I bet your favorite places offer great food and great service!

When I started my local small business, I brought this to my shop. I had to turn it around and I knew that customer service was the key. I wanted my folks to mirror the QT experience.

We discuss how your smile and body language also transmit your friendliness and service.


6 Quick Tips to Great Customer Service

We dive into all six and why they are important

1. A friendly Smile
2. Listening to your customer’s Needs
3. Resolving Issues quickly and efficiently
4. Responding back in a timely manner
5. Creating an environment and an experience that wants them to come back time after time.
6. Hold your team to the same standard that you hold yourself.

Yes, customer service isn’t the only criteria, but it is the only one that will propel you to great heights. Many a big business and local business have fallen hard when they lost sight of the importance of their customer.

Let’s face it, without our customers, you have no one to purchase your products or services. They will remain loyal to you and your business as long as you remain loyal to them and their needs.

Time to get off my soapbox, but hopefully you all will walk a little taller, great people you pass with a big smile and hello or hi and start to believe it in your heart. You will be amazed at how much this one thing when done with passion will increase your sales and profits.

Remember, your business will live or die off the reputation your business will have on customer service

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