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Episode 103

The Local Small Business Coach Podcast 


How to Set Your PricesHere is what we discuss in today's episode:

A New Podcast for those that want to start a local small business I just released a new podcast for those that want to start a local small business. If you know anyone, have them start listening to the Start a Local Small Business Podcast

Your Questions Answered: We answer Brandi’s question on how she should set her prices in her home cleaning business. Some great tips for anyone looking to be competitive in their community

Tammy's Rant: I share a recent experience at a local small business where the business owner set the tone for the rude experience that this lady had while shopping his store.

Tip of the Week: Is your local small business recession proof? It is critical that we look back at the recent recession and learn what do the businesses that survived the recession have in common? How does a business last 10,20, 30+ years and survive even the worse of financial times?

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Starting a Local Small Business


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Highly Recommend all Local Small Business Owners Read the eMyth by Micheal Gerber. You will learn some critical things about running your business.


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