Episode 2 - Working On Your Business & Not Just In Your Business
Episode 0 - The Local Small Business Coach Podcast

Being Open to Change in Your Local Small Business


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Local Small Business CoachHere are the Show Notes from the Episode: 

Welcome back to our Official Episode #1 of the Local Small Business Coach Podcast. Hopefully you had a chance to listen to episode 0 in which I shared a little about myself and my journey to this point. During the course of the podcast I’m sure I’ll share even more.

Originally I was going to discuss a different topic but after recording and then editing Episode 0, I realized that I really needed to start with the topic of change.

I felt so awkward recording that podcast. Talking to invisible people and having no one to interact with. My brain forgetting what I wanted to say and me being at a loss for words. Now this never happens when I’m coaching someone so I had to laugh at myself during the editing at how I would just laugh at myself.

You see, I’m one of those people that have a lot of confidence in myself, especially when I know I’m good at it. What I’m not use to feeling like is a rookie who is clueless. Not only did it feel odd to record, but I really felt like a fish out of water learning how to edit and put the darn thing together. As I record this, I still have to learn how to even upload it into the itunes, and the other tools so you can hear it.

So what does this have to do with you and your local small business?

When we are doing our business, we get into a rhythm. We are good at what we do and don’t like to venture out much into areas that we either don’t think we need or areas that push our comfort zone. Let’s face it, most of us don’t like change. However, change is what causes growth.


I want to push you to change. To improve and to grow.


The best business leaders are ones that have realized they need to embrace change. They realize that they needed to study success and do what successful people do.


Local Small Business CoachI want to challenge each of you

as spend time together to keep an open mind and to try the various best practices you will hear. Remember, they aren’t just my best practices, they are best practices from many local small business owners.

  • I will challenge you to dive into your business more
  • I will challenge you to change the way you currently spend your time
  • I will challenge you to look at your competitors in a positive way and not just how you kick their butt
  • I will challenge you on how you hire and onboard your people
  • Over time I hope to challenge you on all aspects of your business


But here is the cool thing, here is what you can expect in return…

  • You will take your business to a higher net income level
    • At minimum, I believe every local small business owner should make $100,000 dollars in profit – Yes, profit, and not just sales
  • You will find yourself not living job to job. Instead you will be building a future for not only your business but more importantly for your family
  • You will make a huge difference in your local community
  • You will have the best teams or crews and be the envy of others
  • You will get over those hurdles that have been holding you and your business back.


I want to challenge you to start spending 2-3 hours a week working on you. Yes you and Not your business.  Don’t worry, your business will benefit from you doing this.

By working on changing how you spend quality time on your own education and skills, these will translate into you becoming a better leader and better business person.

How do I know you can do it? Simple, just by listening to podcasts you are already doing this. You are feeding your knowledge. If you haven’t already, get into audio-books as well. Not the fluffy stuff, but business books, leadership books & motivational books.

Last episode I mentioned how I hate reading. My mind hates to sit still so books have always been a challenge. Ever since I started on audiobooks 12 years ago, I have listened to a different book every month. The amount of great stuff I’ve digested is equivalent to anyone who loves reading actual books. The cool thing is, it is the same stuff!

Here is a cool, fun book on change that I think you will like. It was a best seller that many leaders embrace



Study any major leader, any top business person and they will tell you they read at minimum 12 books a year. Are you going to get tons from each book? Heck no. But I promise you will get a nugget or two from each. Worse case they will trigger thoughts on your business that will lead to some great ah ha moments and change.

I get 24 audible credits each year and trust me, I use them all.  What usually sparks me downloading a book is a podcast. Either an author is interviewed and I love their message or someone start talking about how the book help transformed their business and I download it to listen to later.

Next time, we will discuss one must read for all local small business owners.

Listen, I started this episode discussing how much I feel like a fish out of water right now. Just doing this podcast is pushing this introvert into a crazy world.

But I recognize that in order to take my business to the next level and more importantly to help impact the most people I can, I need to push myself into new things that challenge me.  If I can do it, so can you.


A long time ago I learned that if I wanted to be a successful business person I need to be able to embrace change.

I saw that the store managers, district managers or any manager that failed to learn how to adjust to the changes in our company, rarely survived long.  True leaders know that you must adjust to the business needs. These needs change all the time.

Our customers create change, business practices change, heck, think of how much technology has caused change?

I remember when the self-checkout registers rolled out, people were saying they would never last as no one would embrace doing it themselves. Well guess what? They are part of every major retailer that does huge volume. It has saved them tons of money on payroll.

Whether or not you agree in principle to replacing people with machines, it is happening all the time and some would argue it is a smart business decision when done right. Not only does it save those payroll dollars, believe it or not, many folks chose to use them to get in and out faster.


Just know that change will never stop

You need to always be looking at your local small business and ways you can tweak and change your business.

In our next episode we will discuss one of the biggest changes you need to make in your local small business but it will prove to be the #1 thing that will increase your profits and sales. It is probably the single biggest mistake local small business owners make. Tune in to episode 2 and we will discuss this business changing habit everyone should do immediately.

Until then, remember, that in order to increase your profits and boost your sales, you will need to embrace change and push yourself into being uncomfortable just enough to grow.

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I really appreciate it and I’ll see ya next time….




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