Episode 59 – 3 Myths to Why You Can’t Find Good Help for Your Business

Good Help is Hard to Find – Or Is It?

In today’s episode: We discuss why you need to stop believing these 3 myths that are preventing you from finding good people for your team. No more excuses. They are out there, let’s talk about it.


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Episode 59:   3 Myths to Why You Can’t Find Good Help for Your Business

Welcome back to the Local Small Business Coach Podcast. I am your coach, Tammy Adams.

Today we are going to take a look at why you need to stop believing these 3 myths that are preventing you from finding good people for your team. No more excuses. They are out there, let’s talk about it.


Most local small business owners will tell you the toughest thing they face in their business today is finding good help. Would you agree? Are you one of them?

Finding good help, impacts many of you. Obviously our brick and mortar brothers and sisters hire people all the time. And while many small businesses are one person operations, there are times that even they need a second set of hands. For others, they are seasonal and run up their crews during the summer months. But, no matter which type of business you have, finding good help is still a sore spot for you and many other small business owners.


The Challenge in Hiring Great Employees

The challenge in hiring employees, is the revolving door of people you end up with. While the person might look promising in the beginning, soon they are either flaking out, calling out sick (if they call at all), the quality of their work is sub-par, their attitude stinks or a host of other issues that plaque your temp help. This make it so hard for a small business owner like you to run your business smoothly and according to plan. Either you are falling behind, picking up the slack or you are constantly apologizing. The worse thing? You are stuck working “in” your business vs “on” your business to get stuff done. As we know, this is the #1 business killer.


What is a Business Owner to Do?

So, what is a Business Owner to Do?  Sure it is easy to just say hire better. I’m sure when you hear those words you just want to slap the person upside their head. If it was that easy don’t they think you would have done it already?

I have a confession. Even though I have personally hired thousands of people through the years, I absolutely hate the process. I have mentioned this before. However, I also know that one of the most important things I have done in any of my businesses is taking the time to hire the right people. Taking the time to find the “right” people saves you tons of time being spent on finding the “right now” person. The right now person is the one that fogs a mirror and can start immediately to fill our need.

Once again, what is a small business owner to do?  While there is no super secret for hiring temporary people, as the vary nature of a temporary person is meant to have turnover, there is a way to find “good” temporary people you can count on while they are with you. Let’s take a look at 3 myths that are out there when it comes to finding good help.


Myth #1 – Good People Just Aren’t Out There

Bull pucky! Good folks are definitely out there! They aren’t the problem, finding them is the problem. Don’t confuse the two. Your issue is not if they exist, it is how do you find them? The minute you say they don’t exist then you will never find them as you have already made up your mind.

While each community is slightly different, most have a group of people that are in between jobs. People that are hustling working 2-3 jobs to help their family or pay off debt. Kids that are in high school that are hard working but just need a chance. There are even people that made bad choices in their past yet have gotten back on track but can’t get a more “traditional” job due to background checks. These are folks working hard to turn their life around. Not to mention the vets out looking for work. The list goes on and on. The challenge is finding the time to find them. Which brings up to our next myth.


 Myth #2 – I don’t have “Time” to Find these People

While you are right, there is only so many hours in any given day, so it is hard to carve out time to hunt down good help. The problem is, you must carve out this time. The best way to do this is to dedicate the time in your scheduling calendar. Maybe you set up an hour each day to post on Facebook, visit the guidance councilors at the high school, post flyers, visit your local VA gathering hole, whatever works in your town. Talk to people, do they know a friend who is looking for a second job? Then set up that same hour to interview some of the folks that your efforts come up with.

“Sounds good but I still don’t have the “time” as I’m already short handed and over booked.” I acknowledge that. I can even appreciate it. But if you don’t schedule even 20 – 30 min it will not happen. Sounds cold but it is true. If you are like most folks, you have the time but it is disguised as other things. It might be your Halo game time, or time spent watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones. We all have some guilty pleasures that keep us sane (I’ll admit mine is Candy Crush). It is a rare person that is working 20 hours a day.  Watch where you spend your time this week and I bet you can carve out 2-3 hours in a week to spend on recruiting.


Myth #3 – If I hire a temp person they will just suck up my profit on this job

Some small businesses owners never think about finding good help as they feel hiring someone will just take away their profit anyways. But in order for this to be true, the time it takes to do the job would have to be the same time commitment with or without the help you hire.

Let me explain. Say a job normally takes you by yourself 3 hours and let’s say you take in $120 for this job. You make $40 an hour. Right? ($120 / 3 hours) Now what if you hired some help at $10 an hour and now you could knock this job out in 1 1/2 hours?  Your new hourly average is $70 vs the $40!  ($120 minus the temp wage of $15 assuming $10 an hour = $105 / 1.5 hours gets you the $70). Think about it, that is a  75% increase in your hourly wage!

Not only does your personal hourly wage go up but now you can take on more jobs in a day and make even more on a daily basis due to having the time to do even more jobs. Trust me, you can’t afford not to hire someone on many of your jobs. Remember, if time is money how much is your time worth?


There is no Magic Bullet

Listen, there is no magic bullet to finding good help. The reality is finding people takes time. They are out there. Not carving out this time is costing you both time and money. It is a necessary evil of the small business owner.

You have to always be hiring. Always be looking. I’ve mentioned in the past that you need to “shop” for people when you are out and about visiting your local businesses. That kid at McDonalds, that night stocker at Walmart, the college kids studying at Starbucks.

As I mentioned, good people are out there. They might not be knocking down your door so you will need to knock on theirs.

So yes, finding good help is hard and it sucks. But just don’t let any of these 3 myth’s stop you finding the right people.



And as we wrap up this episode I want you to know, that I realize being a local small business owner can be a lonely gig at times. But you don’t have to do it alone. Just know, I’m always here for you.


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Bye for now…..


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